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Over half of the swimming pools in North America are above-ground, and the numbers are growing! Manufacturers are now building above-ground pools to last longer and offer just as many features as in-ground without the head-ache of underwater plumbing. With add-on features like walk-in steps, lighting, cleaners, solar reels and heaters, its no wonder people are making the right decision with an above-ground pool.

Above-grounds are low maintenance and installation-friendly. If you ever change your mind, they can be easily removed compared to other pool types. Overall, you’ll enjoy the convenience and flexibility of an above-ground pool at less than half the cost of an in-ground pool.

KV Pool offers 3 quality above ground pool-kits. Depending on how long you plan to live at your current residence may help your decision making process. If you do not plan to live in your house for the long-term, the Eclipse LX may be an easy choice. For pool owners who want their pool to last, the Discovery LX with a 60-year warranty is your best option.

Eclipse LX

Eclipse LX

  • 30-year Warranty
  • 52″ Vinezia LX Attractive Wall Design
  • 6″ Top Ledge with Reliable Retention
  • 5″ Wide Uprights made of Sturdy Steel


  • 50-year Warranty
  • 52″ or 54″ Elegant Wall Design
  • 9″ Steel or Resin Top Ledge
  • 8″ Wide Printed Uprights
Discovery LX

Discovery LX

  • 60-year Warranty
  • 52″ Avanteguard Elegant Wall Design
  • 100% Blow-molded Resin Structure
  • EZ-Lock System (no screws required!)