Pool Services

Spring Opening / Fall Closing

When you’re ready to open or close the pool for the season, allow us to do the all the work for you! In the spring, we set you up for an easy Summer with the pool.  Come Fall, we close and winterize the pool properly to prevent damage during the winter time.

Pump & Filter Repair

Our technicians can diagnose, repair and replace parts on all pool pumps and filters including: cartridge, D.E., and sand. We also offer filter cleaning and sand changing services. Need new equipment? Allow us to recommend the right size for your pool.

Weekly Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance is our specialty! We can take care of your pool all season long or for a few days while you are gone. Multiple weekly service options are available that are custom to every pool.

Let us do the work for you!

Check out our maintenance service page for more information.

Problem Pool Specialist

Problems with water clarity usually means there’s an issue with chemistry. Our pool professionals are experts in water chemistry and use the best testing equipment to diagnose and solve problems with the water.

Pool Care Education

A.K.A. “Pool School”, is a great way for new home owners to learn the in’s and out’s of proper pool maintenance. Let our expert technician show you how to operate your pool and leave you with useful tools that will make owning a pool easier than ever.

Certified Inspections

When buying real-estate with an existing swimming pool, a certified pool inspection will give you an overall report of the pools current status, proper safety features, and all problems the pool may currently have.

Automatic Cleaner Repair

We repair and clean all pool cleaners! Aquabot, Dolphin, Polaris, Hayward, Baracuda, Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac, and more. Our technicians can diagnose and replace most broken belts and parts.

Liner Replacement

We install Above Ground & In-ground Pool Liners!

For a free quote, please call us with length & width, or the diameter of your swimming pool.

Pool Heater Repair

Is your pool heater not working properly? Let our expert heater technician troubleshoot and fix the problem. There are many sensors and switches that go bad after years of seasonal use.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

We are certified and experienced in commercial pool maintenance, weekly water samples, chemicals, spring opening, fall closing.

Call us today and find out how we can help your maintenance team.

Hot Tub Winterization

Closing and winterizing a spa or hot tub for the winter is becoming more common due to heating costs and unpredictable power-outages Michigan tends to have.

FREE Local Delivery

Save time and money – buy your chemicals & supplies at our online store and stop lifting those heavy chemicals!

We are a local supplier and will hand deliver your order to any specific location around the swimming pool area free of charge.